About Us

About the Ensembles

The PB and Jammin Jazz Ensemble was created by Cecil Rowlette, a reed instrument teacher, to give his students and other inspiring musicians an exciting band to play in.

Muscians range from middle school students to grown adults who have been practicing their instruments as a lifelong hobby.

The instrumentation includes soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones, along with a rhythm section including bass guitar, drums, and piano.

This tight-knit group has played for numerous concerts including nursing homes, outdoor events (Milford Pumpkin Festival and Temple Harvest Festival) and church fundraisers.

The group plays a wide variety of jazz and rock tunes which they prepare for with weekly two-hour rehearsals.

If you are interested in joining the band, or having us perform at a function, please see the Contact Us page for information on how to reach the ensemble director.

Another PB and Jammin music ensemble is the Christmas Ensemble. This group features kids of all ages to adults. It is directed by Mr. Rowlette and Mr. Adam Wallis, a band director from the local school district. This group performs at many events including nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and the Brookline town Christmas Tree lighting.

About the Director

Cecil Rowlette is not only an inspiring music teacher, but an amazing musician as well. He has played in numerous bands and ensembles including the Bedford Big Band, Temple Town Band, Temple Dance Band, and the Hollis Town Band.

As a teacher, Mr. Rowlette inspires his students to “get to know their horn” and learn the instrument’s capabilities. His curriculum includes the theory and understanding of jazz music and concert band/march music. Improvisation, chord structure, song structure, and ensemble playing are also important areas covered both individually and as an ensemble.

Mr. Rowlette decided to form his own jazz ensemble (known as the “PBandJammin Jazz Ensemble”) which currently includes his students and other musicians he has played with during his music experiences. He is also the director of the PB and J Christmas Ensemble which performs every winter and includes members of the jazz ensemble along with many more kids from the local school system.

Cecil Rowlette is a music teacher and ensemble director who truly cares about the art of music, and works hard to instill this love of music into his students.